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Gorf tours North American and the world as a dynamic, empowering and inspirational speaker and scholar-in-residence for communities, retreats, conventions and events. Book him for your event!

Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel

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About Jordan B. Gorfinkel

JORDAN B. GORFINKEL (aka “Gorf”) is a cartoonist, musician, producer, director and proud father (not necessarily in that order).

Jordan B. Gorfinkel at work

For nearly a decade, Gorf managed a team of writers, artists and creators on the Batman franchise for DC Comics, producing more than 2000 stories in multiple mediums. Gorf’s creations, such as Batman: No Man’s Land and Birds Of Prey, have resulted in critically acclaimed and commercially successful publications (Birds Of Prey, the most successful female superhero team franchise in history), film (Birds Of Prey, The Dark Knight Rises), television series (FOX, Cartoon Network, the WB and the CW), games, merchandise and more.

Gorf founded and operates Avalanche Comics Entertainment (“ACE”), a dynamic storytelling studio that produces marvelous creative content for corporations, brands, entertainment companies and foundations. Highlights include:

  • Microsoft (award winning “Heroes Happen Here” web comic campaign)
  • Alibaba (“SuperAli” animation series)
  • Clorox (“SuperMoms” live action/animation series)
  • Paramount & Hasbro (“Transformers” franchise bible; film series comic book & animation tie-ins)
  • Steinhardt Foundation (“franchise bible” for multi-media interactive children’s educational program)
  • 3 O’Clock Club, Co-creator/Co-Writer of graphic novel, with Butch Hartman (Executive Producer, Fairly Odd Parents, Nickelodeon TV) & Erez Zadok
  • Couchcrashing, Co-creator/Writer/Producer of TV pilot with Academy Award nominee Lior Geller, and Lisa Klink (Writer/Supervisor, Star Trek: Voyager)

Additionally, ACE has developed a rich library of original content for development into print, animation, TV, film and digital. Email gorf@avalanchecomics.com.

Gorf presents the Super Storytelling Seminar (S3), a workshop series designed to help professionals be the heroes of their businesses, by manifesting the power of storytelling for clear, concise and compelling creative solutions.

As a cartoonist, Gorfinkel writes and illustrates Everything’s Relative, the weekly internationally published newspaper comic strip that DreamWorksSKG called “a wonderful idea.” (A forthcoming collection features an introduction by Reuben Award-winning, internationally syndicated cartoonist Lynn Johnston, creator of “For Better Or For Worse.”) The Jewish Museum of Munich features a series of Gorf’s cartoons in their permanent exhibition – a first for Jewish museums.

Gorf is the Creator/Writer/Producer of the Amazon #1 Bestseller Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel (with Koren Publications). The beautiful and functional full-length narrative art version of the traditional Passover Seder table guide book engages people of all backgrounds and faiths in the universal stories and rituals of slavery and freedom. The Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel integrates a brand-new translation directly into the art, immersing every generation in the timeless celebration of Passover. The graphic novel pages are presented alongside the complete Seder text, in Hebrew and transliteration, and accompanied by instructional cartoons depicting all of the rituals. (Matzoh sold separately.)

Gorf runs the Jewish Cartoon Workshop for schools, camps and family programs, guiding participants in using professional tools to create Jewish humor cartoons just like the professionals do, and then collecting them into a comic book for everyone to share and enjoy (and learn from!).

In music, Gorf is a producer, performer and director. He is responsible for many albums music videos, including Voices For Israel, the acclaimed Jewish “We Are the World”-style charity benefit. A pioneer of Jewish A Cappella with the first professional Jewish harmony group Beat’achon, Gorf presently leads Kol Zimra, the interactive, energetic a cappella group for events and lifecycle celebrations, and Kol Tefilla for bringing harmony to communities, musically and interpersonally. Simcha & Gorfinkel is his music-comedy duo with Rockapella founder Sean Altman. Gorf has performed all over the globe, including twice at the White House Chanukah celebration, which was immortalized on The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

Gorf enjoys swimming, cycling and brainstorming. He is married and the proud father of four children, whom he affectionately calls his “focus group.”

Gorf tours North American and the world as a dynamic, empowering and inspirational speaker and scholar-in-residence for communities, retreats, conventions and events.

Connect with Gorf @JewishCartoon on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; and Avalanche Comics Entertainment on LinkedIn.

Gorf is represented in Hollywood by www.thedravisagency.com.